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>> a little piglet makes a big difference

In Nepal, families promise not to let their daughters become indentured servants in exchange for a free pig. (more)

>> A Tradition No Longer

Community-wide stands against the dangerous practice of female genital mutilation are growing across much of Africa, thanks to the innovative grassroots efforts of an NGO in Senegal. (more)

>> New libraries spring up in Nepal's furthest corners

(TUKUCHE, NEPAL)Seven-year-old Pratikshaya Pariyar pushes away the hand of her 3-year-old sister, Beshy, from a picturebook full of kittens. "She doesn't even know how to turn the page of a book without bending it back," laments Pratikshaya. (more)

>> Classical Revival

Why the Symphony thinks new conductor James Levine will bring back Boston's glory days, why Levine decided to accept the offer, and how the whole deal almost fell apart. (more)

>> Sister Ann Builds Her Dream School

A nun from South Boston has acquired land in Rwanda to build a free middle school for girls 10 years after the genocide that killed 800,000 people. Here, the author joins the nun on what proves to be a remarkable journey. (more)

>> Wine Clubs: Wine-savvy, not wine-snobby

Imagine 10 african-american women from Boston on a field trip to Alice Waters's Chez Panisse, the Berkeley, California, pilgrimage site for American gastronomes. The wine comes, and it's an adorable red from a local Napa Valley vineyard. They take a sip. Is it off? (more)

>> Ivory Tower

The Feminine Mistake? With a star-studded film, out this month, taking a nostalgic look at Wellesley College, the question arises: Does the world still need an all-women's college? (more)

>> Snorkeling With the Beluga Whales

No roads lead to Churchill in Northern Manitoba; the pavement stops 500 kilometers away in Thomson. For humans, getting to Churchill is a major detour. But for the Beluga Whales and the massive arctic Polar Bears, Churchill is the Big Apple. (more)

>> Gorillas in our midst

I am not an animal person. I am a city girl. I am not crazy about big dogs, hate squirrels and pigeons, am petrified of rodents, and never had the girl-horse thing. I've dealt with many animal anxieties over the years, but I never thought that I would be grabbed by a 600-pound mountain gorilla, literally seized by the back of my shirt and dragged several yards out of his way. I guess my mother is right. It's the things you don't worry about that actually happen. (more)

>> Going Greek

On Leros: Jack descending the 370 steps leading from a Byzantine era castle to the village; ahead, one of many Greek Orthodox churches We'd always dreamed of chartering a luxurious yacht and sailing the Mediterranean. But would eight adults on a boat for ten days really be heavenly or were we just setting ourselves up for a Greek tragedy? (more)

>> Once, I scoffed at the promises of natural cures. Then life intervened to open my mind.

There was a time, not too long ago, when I rolled my eyes at "alternative medicine." No acupuncture, echinacea or green tea for me. When I felt sick, I ran to the doctor for a prescription. When I felt stressed or anxious, I went shopping. (more)

>> And the alternative guru says...

Tradition meets uncharted territory in Dr. Andrew Weil's cardinal rules for staying healthy at midlife (more)

>> Ivory Tower

The Feminine Mistake? With a star-studded film, out this month, taking a nostalgic look at Wellesley College, the question arises: Does the world still need an all-women's college? (more)

>> Five exiles find long-lost family, make new friends and fall in love again with the island they left behind.

Shortly after our arrival in Havana, I watch Consuelo Arostegui Isaacson, my friend and neighbor from Cambridge, Massachusetts, knock on the front door of the mansion she left 40 years ago as a 16-year old debutante. With Consuelo is her older sister, Mary Arostegui. I wait on the curb with the rest of our traveling party: Micho Fernandez Spring, Silvia Fernandez and Maria Lopez, who all fled Cuba as children; their American born offspring; and Maria's Yankee husband. (more)

>> When did we become our own doctors?

We demanded medical information and control over our bodies, but we may be finding that too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. (more)