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>> Diary of a Celiac

I was always the one with the cast iron stomach. I could eat everything, travel everywhere, and sample it all. I might pass on the sauteed sheep's eyeballs in Marrakech, or the mystery meat stew offered to me in a village in Southwestern Mali, but that was squeamishness not gastric sensitivity. Every once in a while, I'd pick up a bug, a little GI stowaway from my more exotic travels, and I'd use the three-day course of antibiotics I carried in my travel kit. It worked like a charm. Until the winter of 2007. Although my most exotic destination in months had been Santa Monica, California, I'd snagged a stubborn bug that wouldn't decamp, even after three rounds of the antibiotics. When I called my doctor for a fourth refill, he countered with a request that I come in for an office visit and a blood test. He won. (more)

>> Once, I scoffed at the promises of natural cures. Then life intervened to open my mind.

There was a time, not too long ago, when I rolled my eyes at "alternative medicine." No acupuncture, echinacea or green tea for me. When I felt sick, I ran to the doctor for a prescription. When I felt stressed or anxious, I went shopping. (more)

>> And the alternative guru says...

Tradition meets uncharted territory in Dr. Andrew Weil's cardinal rules for staying healthy at midlife (more)

>> Diet for a disease-proof life

Fruits? Veggies? Carbs? Leading nutrition researcher Walter Willett explains what you should fork up (and push aside) to cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and more. (more)

>> When did we become our own doctors?

We demanded medical information and control over our bodies, but we may be finding that too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. (more)